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Mapping the reading year: How to build a calendar of reading events

Added 24 Sep 2019

A calendar of reading events, contributed to by all phases/departments, is essential in promoting reading for enjoyment.

This resource provides you with the tools to build your own unique school reading calendar. It provides a map of the school year and ideas of activities from national awareness days, book awards and competitions to school events, quizzes and displays.

It is intended to be used as a starting point for a discussion with your literacy team, at a subject leader meeting or even a whole staff meeting so that all staff can be involved in promoting pupils' love for reading.

How to use this resource

Print out the reading calendar, which shows the three school terms for 2019-2020 and includes spaces for you to add the reading events, awards and promotions, competitions, quizzes and displays which will build up your school’s unique reading calendar.

The tables contain ideas to add to your calendar:

  1. National events that you could celebrate in your school
  2. National book awards that you can shadow, and national competitions
  3. School event ideas
  4. School competitions/quizzes
  5. School displays