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Sats reading paper: revision guide for Year 6 pupils

Added 07 Dec 2020
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This resource prepares Year 6 pupils for the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum Assessment reading paper. It is designed to be used flexibly - as a refresher for teachers planning their revision or directly as a revision tool with pupils.

It can be used with the whole class, in small groups or even as a revision booklet that pupils can take home and share with their parents or carers.

It gives pupils top tips and guidance on the three main domains tested – word meaning, retrieval and inference and is updated each year to ensure challenges, trends and changes in question types from previous papers are explicitly noted.

Sats in 2021

The government has announced that Sats tests will not take place in 2021. We will update this page with information as it becomes available, but you are welcome to make use of the resources to support pupils' learning, reinforcing skills that will help prepare them for their ongoing education.

As the tests did not take place in 2020 the data in the guidance draws from the 2019 tests.

Year 6 Sats reading paper top tips PowerPoint

A PowerPoint presentation to ensure your pupils are fully prepared for the types of questions that will be asked in the reading paper and the skills they need to answer them effectively. Topics covered include:

  • lessons from the 2019 paper
  • easy to use effective strategies
  • familiarisation of common question stems
  • top tips and examples

Write your own question templates

Five templates are provided to give pupils fun ways to familiarise themselves with different question types by writing their own questions and challenging their peers. Downloadable templates include:

  • Write your own fact or opinion question template
  • Write your own matching question example
  • Write your own matching question template
  • Write your own true/false question template
  • Write your own word question template