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Sats classroom revision guides for Year 6

Added 15 Apr 2024 | Updated 16 Apr 24

SATS reading resource

This resource prepares Year 6 pupils for the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum Assessment reading paper and the English grammar, punctuation and spelling papers. It is designed to be used flexibly - as a refresher for teachers planning their revision or directly as a revision tool with pupils.

It can be used with the whole class or in small groups.

Year 6 Sats reading paper revision guide

This resource gives pupils top tips and guidance on the five main domains tested – retrieval, vocabulary (word meaning), inference, summarising and prediction. Past examples of extracts and questions are used from 2018-2023 papers - you'll need to prepare ahead for each session by printing out the reading extracts for pupils from the listed Appendices.

The resource includes five PowerPoint presentations (each roughly equivalent to a one-hour revision session) to ensure your pupils are fully prepared for the types of questions that will be asked in the reading paper and equipped with the skills they need to answer them effectively. Topics covered include:

  • Session 1: Inside the reading paper and general test strategies, focus on retrieval
  • Session 2: Retrieval continued
  • Session 3: Exploring vocabulary
  • Session 4: Inference
  • Session 5: Summarising and prediction

Year 6 Sats English grammar, punctuation and spelling papers revision guide

This resource gives pupils top tips and guidance on answering questions in the GPS (SPaG) Sats papers (1 and 2). The resource includes a PowerPoint revision guide (approximately equating to a 1.5 hour revision session or two 45-minute sessions) and a pupil handout (which will need to be printed for each pupil before beginning). The revision guide includes:

  • Guidance on grammar, punctuation and spelling paper question types
  • Top tips for pupils when answering questions: spelling, punctuation, terminology and KISS (keeping it simple!)
  • Top tips for the spelling test
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