Research services

Our research underpins our programmes, campaigns and policy work to raise literacy attitudes, habits and skills across the UK.

Our research work

Our research programme is designed to:

  • raise literacy attitudes, habits and skills across the UK
  • underpin our programmes, campaigns and policy work
  • inform our identity as an organisation

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What we do

  • Annual literacy trackers

    We ask children, young people and other stakeholders about literacy using large-scale national surveys.

  • Issue-led research

    We explore literacy issues using multiple approaches to further our understanding on a commission basis.

  • Evaluating our work

    Our evidence-based approach means we comprehensively explore the impact of our programmes.

  • Bespoke evaluations of programmes or products for others

    Commission us to help you understand your impact.


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    Annual Literacy Survey

    Our annual survey of primary and secondary pupils covers reading and writing, and takes place in January/February.

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  • Wellbeing - girls writing

    Junior Annual Literacy Survey

    This new survey explores reading and writing enjoyment, attitudes and behaviours of children aged 5 to 8 in a...

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    Children and Young People’s Literacy and Financial Capability Survey

    Would you like to know what your pupils think about financial matters as well as reading, and how good they are at both?

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  • Secondary boys on computer

    Exploring teachers’ use of technology to support literacy in the classroom

    We are launching a new survey to find out how teachers in the UK are using technology to support literacy in the classroom.

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Commission research

We offer our research expertise to give you comprehensive insight into your literacy programme or product’s impact on a range of audiences. We have specialist knowledge of engaging with children and young people and a track record of working in schools and other settings.

Contact us if you are interested in commissioning us to undertake an evaluation for you.


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