Teaching Reading in Key Stage 2 CPD


Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) guidance for Key Stage 2 reports extensive evidence to show that explicit teaching of comprehension improves literacy.

In response to the challenges presented by the Key Stage 2 SATs we have created a new programme to help teachers develop strategies to improve reading comprehension.

About the course

  • Explore practical and creative approaches to develop pupils' comprehension strategies in the classroom

    The key to great comprehension teaching is an exciting range of quality books for pupils to engage with. As well as classroom strategies, participants will look at a range of extracts from picture and chapter books.

  • Explore inference as the key to great readers

    We know inference is vital to comprehension and that this is represented in the domain and test at Key Stage 2. Deepen your understanding and skill in teaching the different types of inference including coherence and interrogative inference.

  • Develop an action plan with strategies learned from research/develop tools and resources for effective whole school practice

    We provide the content, structure and methodology for participants to produce an action research project, exploring and addressing the issues identified back in school with the aim of developing effective reading comprehension.

  • Create an environment of collaborative study, professional dialogue and critical reflection through joint practice development

    Participants learn from each other, share practice and examine different approaches and challenges. We encourage the group to take what they have learned back into their schools and trial approaches and see what works best for them.

Format and price

The training takes place online and is delivered in four 90-minute sessions. The price of training is £1,550 for the four sessions

For more information, and to arrange training for your school, please email Ruth King: ruth.king@literacytrust.org.uk

Feedback from previous participants

"Good educational research provided a firm foundation to the suggested approaches and activities."
Participant, Nottingham, 2018

"Lots of practical advice and discussion backed up with theory."
Participant, Nottingham, 2018

“A wonderful session with [the trainer] who just oozed a love of reading - infectious. This will really have a huge impact on our teaching of reading and writing.”
Participant, Bradford, 2020

Resources related to reading comprehension

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