Improving Writing in Key Stage 2 (IPEELL)

Transforming writing

This course helps teachers develop strategies to take their Key Stage 2 pupils beyond scaffolded writing.

Pupils will build confidence, improve self-assessment skills, and learn how to tackle writing challenges across different text types.

"Participating pupils made approximately nine months' additional progress compared to similar pupils who did not participate in the intervention."

EEF, Using Self-Regulation to Improve Writing, 2014

About the course

This course is aimed at teachers and literacy leaders working in Key Stage 2.

  • Explore a learning environment outside the classroom

    A class visit sparks imagination and will provide your pupils with a memory they want to write about.

  • Use transferable approaches to aid the organisation of writing

    Discover methods to support the organisation of pupils' writing in any form and across all subject areas.

  • Encourage pupils to take ownership of their progress using self-assessment tools, peer assessment and goal setting

    Learn how to support pupils' meta-cognitive skills so that they are able to identify success criteria and acknowledge areas for improvement.

  • Develop strategies to build positive attitudes toward writing in the classroom

    Motivational messages are used successfully in a wide range of contexts, but rarely in academic subjects. Discover the empowering impact of this approach when setting writing tasks.

Feedback from previous participants

"Very practical. Easy to implement. Professional and engaging presenters."
Participant, Bradford, 2017

"A really useful framework for making writing content explicit. Good for encouraging independence"
Participant, Wiltshire, 2019

"Personally delivered. Excellent resources. Evidence of strategies that can be easily transferred"
Participant, London, 2020

Taking part in the training

Whole-school packages can be arranged, and we are happy to consult on duration, volume and cost based on the needs of your school.

For more information, and to arrange training for your school, please email Ruth King:

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