Reading for Pleasure CPD

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Embedding a love of reading in your classroom can be transformative to your pupils' academic success. This course explores the link between a love of reading and attainment.

While research conducted in May and June 2020 found that children’s enjoyment of reading increased overall during the first lockdown (from 47.8% pre-lockdown to 55.9% post-lockdown), reading enjoyment levels in early 2020 were at the lowest we have recorded since we began surveying children and young people in 2005. In addition, during lockdown, some children reported that a lack of access to books , a lack of quiet space at home and a lack of school/peer support had negatively affected their ability to read and their motivation to read for enjoyment.

Reading for Pleasure CPD will provide a clear context for helping to tackle disparities in reading enjoyment caused by the pandemic and help to drive an improved reading culture across your school.

What are the training objectives?

  • Examine a range of approaches, including choosing and using whole texts

    We know the move from extracts to whole texts can be intimidating for teachers and pupils but it is immensely rewarding. Learn how to build anticipation around a story and sustain interest across a term, and develop classroom and library spaces to promote a school-wide culture of reading.

  • Engage with research around the benefits of reading for enjoyment

    The national curriculum is clear on the importance of developing the habit of reading widely and often for information and pleasure. We present participants with the research base for raising attainment through reading for pleasure with findings from the National Literacy Trust, Institute of Education and more.

  • Develop an action plan to create a community of readers in your school

    We provide the content, structure and methodology for participants to complete a project involving critical reflection or action research. Identify a focus area, gather evidence and develop approaches to increase enjoyment of reading amongst pupils.

  • Plan for embedding these successful approaches more widely across your school

    Develop strategies to ensure every teacher takes responsibility for promoting a love of reading. We also provide you with strategies to engage parents which can enhance results and explore how to make the most of library spaces and other resources available to you.

Format and price

This training takes place completely online and is delivered as two 90-minute sessions followed by one 2-hour session.

£1,300 for a whole-school booking to be delivered on a mutually agreed date.

£210 for a single booking, £190 for additional colleagues and a £50 discount per booking for National Literacy Trust members – book for our scheduled dates here.

For more information, and to arrange training for your school, please email Ruth King:

Feedback from previous participants

"I have found the training thought provoking. I am going away with a wealth of ideas! It is exciting. Thank you!"
Participant, Inverness, 2018

"Brilliant - engaging and fast-paced"
Participant, Wigan, 2019

"Lots of practical ideas for developing different reading behaviours."
Participant, Wigan, 2020

"Every strategy offered is backed up with academic research. Great to work with such experienced and passionate practitioners."
Participant, London, 2019

Resources related to reading for pleasure

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