Young Readers Programme: booklists

Added 25 Jul 2017
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Celebrate reading and inspire children with our curated book lists. We've compiled lists to match age ranges from 5 to 13+, as well as lists covering different themes and genres to help engage children across a range of interests, and encourage them to explore something new!

Our research has shown that in 2020 reading played an important role in supporting children's wellbeing during the lockdown period, as well as identifying an increase both in the amount of reading children did, and how much they enjoyed it.

These book lists have been created by our award-winning Young Readers Programme team drawing on 20 years of experience in helping children develop a love of reading. The programme uses fun activities and events to help young children learn how to choose books they will enjoy, and providing the chance for them to select brand new books which they can take home to keep.