National Poetry Day resources

Added 03 Oct 2018
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For National Poetry Day, we have produced poetry lesson plans for primary and secondary schools, both lessons build on pupils' experiences to create poetry.

The resource

The National Poetry Day lesson plan resources provide a set of activities that draw on experiences pupils have had or visits they have made to memorable places. They are given an example poem and asked to create their own in a similar style, then perform it to their colleagues.

Each lesson plan includes:

  • A starter to get pupils involved
  • A writing activity where pupils create their own poem
  • A discussion activity where memorable experiences are shared amongst the class
  • A performance activity, with techniques for pupils to prepare themselves and perform well

Links to the national curriculum

The activities are clearly linked to the national curriculum for Key Stage 1, 2 and 3. They support learning and developing confidence in writing, storytelling, working together and performance.

For more poetry resources visit the National Poetry Day website.