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National Poetry Day 2024

Added 18 Sep 2023 | Updated 15 Jun 24

National Poetry Day 2023

National Poetry Day 2024

The next date for National Poetry Day is Thursday 3 October 2024. This annual event provides a fantastic opportunity to explore and celebrate poetry. From engaging with familiar poems we love, to the creative fulfilment of crafting new works, we'll be providing inspiration and accessible activities for all ages to use in your school or setting.

National Poetry Day resources

Last year we celebrated National Poetry day on Thursday 5 October 2023, which focused on the theme of refuge. To mark the occasion in your setting, download and use our free session plans for EYFS, KS1, KS2 and KS3 (P1 to S3). Our resources are designed to help pupils reflect on the theme of refuge, whilst encouraging a love of reading and writing poetry.

Further information about our National Poetry Day 2023 activities

Our suite of resources for 2023 comprise the following:

3 to 5 year olds (Early years/Early Level): poetry session plans exploring The Grass House by Shirley Hughes

5 to 7 year olds (KS1/P2-3): two session plans where pupils will read and exploring Nature Trail by Benjamin Zephaniah, and produce their own refuge-inspired poem.

7 to 11 year olds (KS2/P4-7): two session plans where pupils will explore and compare a selection of poems, and compose their own Lune poem inspired by their personal sense of refuge.

11 to14 year olds (KS3/S1-S3): two session plans where pupils will explore and compare a selection of poems, and compose their own Haiku and 'Found Poem' inspired by their personal sense of refuge.

Access resources from the downloads list below.

More classroom resources for National Poetry Day

Each year National Poetry Day explores a different theme. You can access our resources for previous years and themes from this page to continue your class journey exploring students' responses to poems and to help them create and perform their own work.

Activities are clearly linked to the national curriculum, supporting learning and developing confidence in writing, storytelling, working together and performance.

We'd also recommend exploring these additional resources to support poetry in your school or setting:

Digital Poet in residence (ages 7 to 11)

Writing from Nature: a poetry resource (ages 7 to 13)

Monologue Jam (age 14+)

A poetry lover's classroom (primary)

Writing poems with Paul Cookson: (primary)

Poetry in the early years foundation stage (early years)

For families

Celebrating National Poetry Day isn't just for schools! On our Words for Life web portal for families we have some great ideas for exploring poetry at home.

Get involved with National Poetry Day

You can find more National Poetry Day resources, learn about events and celebrations taking place, and get involved by visiting the National Poetry Day website.

National Poetry Day
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