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Added 03 Aug 2021

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National Poetry Day 2022

We're already looking forward to celebrating National Poetry Day 2022, which will fall on Thursday 6 October, and will focus on the the theme of environment. Check back later in the year to discover more about our plans, and how you can get involved..

National Poetry Day 2021

In 2021 National Poetry Day fell on Thursday 7 October. The theme for the year was choice, and we teamed up with National Poetry Day to create two new classroom resources for Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3. These resources were developed to help teachers mark the day and explore the links between our choices and poetry, and, along with our digital poet resources, they can be used at any time of year to build a love of reading, writing or performing poems among your students.

We teamed up with National Poetry Day to create two new classroom resources for Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3. The National Poetry Day lesson plan resources provide a set of activities that help students reflect on word choice, rhythm and line structure within poems, and how these influence our responses and how we read a poem, whether in written form, or out loud as performance.

Each lesson plan includes:

  • A focus poem to introduce themes
  • Independent and group writing activities
  • A reflection activity
  • An opportunity for students to perform their poems.

The activities are clearly linked to the national curriculum for Key Stage 2 and 3. They support learning and developing confidence in writing, storytelling, working together and performance.

More National Poetry Day themes

Each year National Poetry Day explores a different theme. You can access our resources for previous years and themes from this page to continue your class journey exploring students' responses to poems and to help them create and perform their own work.

2020 Vision - Poetry can be remarkably effective in helping us to pause and think about familiar things in a new way, or experience them from another person's perspective. In our Vision poetry resources students are given an example poem and work in groups to explore ideas around vision and perception before applying this inspiration to create and share their own work.

2019 Truth - An exploration of the amazing, surprising and silly stories we may hear through the news, thinking about how we may react to them, and how we discern truth. These ideas then build in to the generation of poems that may reflect on how we define and identify truth, or may collate crazy headlines to generate a poem to relate a story that is startling, intriguing and bizarre.

Digital poet in residence resources

We have also worked with professional poet Simon Mole to develop resources that allow you to have a poet in your classroom for National Poetry Day. Access free poetry lesson plans on our Digital Poet resource page.

For families

Celebrating National Poetry Day isn't just for schools! On our Words for Life web portal for families we have a great list of recommended children's poetry books and for teenagers we have our Sofa Session recordings of live poetry events.

Get involved with National Poetry Day

You can also find more National Poetry Day resources, learn about events and celebrations taking place, and get involved by visiting the National Poetry Day website.