Poetry in the early years foundation stage

Added 04 Oct 2021
boy reading rhyming story.jpg

The new statutory framework for the early years foundation stage and the new reading framework: teaching the foundations of literacy, both frequently refer to poetry and highlight the importance of saying and learning poems in the early years.

This increased focus on poetry and the highlighting of the cross-curricula benefits of using it with early years children provides an exciting opportunity for you to explore different types of poetry. This resource looks closely at these frameworks and explores the use of poetry with early years children.

Questions discussed

  • Why is poetry important?
  • What does the new framework say?
  • Where can I find some support for my subject knowledge?
  • Which poems should I use?

Teaching poetry

Before embarking on a journey of early years poetry exploration, it may be useful for you to refresh and renew your approach to the teaching of poetry. A poetry lover's classroom resource from the National Literacy Trust includes:

  • A staff meeting presentation to help explore the benefits of creating classrooms full of poetry lovers, and support staff in reflecting on current practice and expertise
  • A useful guide to poetic types, forms and language