Remembrance resources for Scottish students

Added 13 Oct 2021

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We're extremely proud to have partnered with Poppyscotland to provide teachers and educators with this new range of Remembrance presentations designed for Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) learners.

Ideal for use in both the classroom or assemblies each presentation is tailored to a different learning level and has a specific focus to help students understand and reflect on Remembrance. The presentations introduce inspirational true stories about Scottish citizens, and engage students through discussion, analysis and follow-up activities.

Presentation overviews

  • Second level: History of the Poppy - Explores questions that will help broaden students' understanding such as 'Why do we wear a poppy?' 'What does a veteran look like?' and 'How does war affect those who experience it?' Analysis of John McCrae’s poem In Flanders Fields, and consideration of Douglas Constable's letters from the front line of the First World War lead through to follow-up writing activities.
  • Third and Fourth level: Ordinary or Extraordinary - Examines Scottish stories of service, sacrifice and Remembrance, such as that of veteran and Glasgow school janitor, Fred Luke VC, found to have been one of the bravest men of the First World War. The presentation challenges expectations about what may seem ordinary, but on closer study may uncover extraordinary acts of courage, amazing responses to extraordinary situations during and after wartime, or demonstrations of enormous dedication in honouring the sacrifice of others.
  • Senior Phase - Addresses questions about the impact of war on individuals who have been directly involved in conflict, inviting students to reflect on and contrast the 'shell-shock' experience of First World War soldiers, as expressed through a profound body of poetry, with the challenges faced by modern-day veterans, and our contemporary understanding of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Students will consider what we can learn about the importance of Remembrance, and how they would like to mark their own Remembrance.

All three presentations can be downloaded from the available files list on this page.