Added 01 Oct 2019

Remember Together

To mark 75 years since the battles of Monte Cassino, D-Day, and Kohima and Imphal, we have worked with The Royal British Legion to produce primary and secondary assemblies that commemorate the contributions of our allies during the Second World War.

Further primary assemblies on this topic are available directly from The Royal British Legion's website.

Further remembrance resources

In addition, we have produced introductory assemblies on the topic of remembrance and lesson plans focusing on the unsung heroes of WW1. These are all downloadable for free.

Each mini unit of work consists of five or six lessons, enabling you to deliver the lessons over the course of a week. We suggest that the best timing for these lessons might be in the week commencing 4 November, providing your pupils with greater understanding of the topic in the lead up to Remembrance Sunday.

Key Stage 2

  • Introduction to remembrance assembly
  • Florence Cordell, female bus conductor (English, history)
  • Reginald Alfred James Cooper, child mill worker (English, history)

Key Stage 3

  • Introduction to remembrance assembly
  • Harry Brearley, inventor of stainless steel (English, history, science)
  • Elsie Inglis, Flora Murray and Louisa Garrett, female surgeons (English, history, science)

Key Stage 4

  • Introduction to remembrance assembly
  • J. R. R. Tolkien, writer (English)
  • Ernest Brooks, war photographer (English, history)

Welsh language versions of these resources are also available to download from The Royal British Legion's website.