Peterborough Reads writing competition

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Peterborough Reads has created a series of writing competitions for children to take part in during the lockdown period.

Earlier this year, Year 4 pupils from 20 local primary schools were judges for the Peterborough Book Awards. There were categories in the awards - Best Picture Book, Best Chapter Book, and Best Poetry Book.

We have taken inspiration from the winning books and authors of each category to create a competition for local children. Once a fortnight, we will release a new competition on this page, and each challenge will come with the opportunity to win a bundle of books.

The challenges

We will keep the challenges here, even when the deadlines have passed, so that you can enjoy some fun literacy activities during lockdown.

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    Writing challenge one: Funky Chickens

    Write a poem inspired by Benjamin Zephaniah
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  • treasure hunters Peterborough writing challenge

    Writing challenge two: Treasure Hunters

    Children are tasked with creating a treasure map and a short story.
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    Writing challenge three: Truckers

    Invent a new world for the nome people to escape to in a bid for survival.
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