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Launched with the generous support of the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS), Reading Champions is a national reading campaign that supports and celebrates reading culture within schools, encouraging reading for pleasure, reading diversely, and the development of reading stamina.

The programme

There are two elements to the Reading Champions programme: a national, live quiz, plus termly in-school reading challenges.

Reading Champions Quiz

The National Reading Champions Quiz, with the support of the Authors’ Licensing Collecting Society (ALCS), returned for its second year in 2022.

The quiz allows keen readers, aged between 10-14 years, to become part of a team, represent their school in a national competition and have a chance to really shine. It celebrates libraries and librarians and brings great excitement and drama to the wonderful world of reading.

But don't just take our word for it...

“Me and all my friends are completely obsessed with books and loved to find out that there are other people who are crazy about books!”


“It was a challenging but exciting event for our students who rarely get the chance to use their wide reading knowledge in competition against other schools in this way.”

School co-ordinator

“My favourite part of the quiz was seeing kids get all excited because they knew the answer … Those moments give all students a chance to shine and to feel like they are clever and important which is so important for their confidence and self-esteem. If only you could bottle that enthusiasm!”

Regional Organiser, West Midlands

In 2022 our online regional heats were a sell-out, with the fantastic final taking place in person on 25 May.

We’re looking forward to 2023 already!

  • Join in

    Teams consist of four students plus a reserve. The cost of entry is £20 per team, and schools can enter up to two teams.

  • Dates and structure

    Regional online heats for the NRCQ normally run throughout March. The grand final will take place in May and is scheduled to be a live event.

  • Why take part?

    The quiz aims to celebrate all reading, giving readers a chance to shine.

Reading Champions Challenges

As part of our ongoing work to support schools, we run Reading Champions Challenges. These bitesized challenges are designed to help build a reading culture in schools by encouraging reading for pleasure, reading diversely, and supporting development of reading stamina. Reading Champions Challenges are open to and completely free for all UK schools, and span across Key Stages 1, 2, and 3 (ages 5 to 14).

Each challenge will have its own engaging theme, and will be supported by a suite of resources that will include teacher guidance notes along with additional elements such as posters, templates, and video clips to make the challenge fun.

  • Termly challenges

    One or two challenges every term, each with its own engaging theme and activities. Challenges remain available on our site indefinitely, so you can run your favourite challenge year after year.

  • Simple and adaptable

    Guidance notes to help you run the challenge and adapt it to suit your own circumstances, whatever the age of your students, size of the group, or time you have available. Keep activity focused, or scale up the challenge across the whole school!

  • Book giveaways and prizes

    Our challenges often come with fantastic book giveaways, book discounts and book prizes. Books are always carefully selected to help support delivery or recognise a great winning entry.

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