The Reading Tree Challenge

Entry for this competition has closed



We've designed our Reading Tree challenge to support whole-school literacy, encourage students to seek and share recommendations of books to read and to encourage a reading for pleasure culture.

The aim of the challenge is to cover the bare branches and trunk of your Reading Tree with lots of leaves showcasing all the books that the pupils have read.

How to run the challenge

You can run the challenge flexibly to fit in with your literacy planning and the needs of your class. Download the teacher guidance notes for ideas and details.

Perhaps you'll prefer a whole-class challenge, displaying the A3 poster on your classroom wall for everyone to add their book leaf recommendations. Alternatively, give each child their own A4 tree poster to fill with leaves, or use the large leaf template to display recommendations around the school.

The resources

Read the teacher guidelines then choose which resources you'll need to download from this page. Resources include:

  • Teacher guidance notes to explain more about the challenge and ideas for how to run it
  • An A3 Reading Tree poster to pin up in the classroom, building up a record of books read across the whole class, and where they can explore each other's recommendations
  • An A4 Reading Tree poster allowing each child to keep a record of their own reading
  • Small leaf templates for each of the A3 and A4 posters to stick on for each book read
  • A large standalone leaf template that can be displayed around the school or classroom if you don't have space for a Reading Tree poster
  • A certificate

These resources use artwork taken from The Hope Tree © Axel Scheffler, featured exclusively in The Book of Hopes published by Bloomsbury Children’s Books. Available in all good bookshops and online at

Prize draw

If you have completed this challenge in your school by Friday 27 November 2020, you are invited to take a photo of your posters and leaves and send it in with the name of your school to

You will be entered into a prize draw to win a box of great books for your school!

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You are, of course, welcome to complete the challenge without entering the prize draw. You can plan it for a different time frame that suits you and we'll keep the resources available for you to access throughout the year.

The National Literacy Trust Reading Champions campaign is generously supported by the ALCS.

Challenge closed

This challenge was open to and completely free for all UK schools and was designed for schools with students aged 5 to 14 (Key Stages 1, 2 and 3).

Although entry to the challenge is now closed the guidance and resources will remain accessible for schools on this page. You are very welcome to use these for your own school challenge and to continue promotion of a reading culture in your school, encouraging staff and students to share their book recommendations with each other.