English Hub schools: early language and reading for pleasure

“English hub schools will promote a love of reading and support schools across the country to provide excellent phonics and early language teaching.”

- DfE, 2018

The DfE has appointed 34 English Hub schools to take a leading role in supporting schools to improve the teaching of early language, reading for pleasure and phonics. The National Literacy Trust offers high quality resources and CPD to support some of these aims.

We have compiled this list of contact details for English Hub schools so you can find your nearest and find out what support is available.

If you are an English Hub school, please contact us to find out how our online membership resources and CPD can support your goals and help you work with schools in your designated area. We have a number of resources designed for literacy leaders, particularly those who will be taking on the role of Literacy Specialist. These include a strategic review tool and guide to policy and practice and our well-respected research.

How can we support you?

Be sure to download our Annual Literacy Guide and Annual Literacy Review, including sections on all curriculum areas, to help audit provision and identify key priorities for you and the schools you support.

Annual Literacy School Review 2018/19

Annual Literacy Research and Policy Guide 2018/19

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Reading for pleasure

Children who enjoy reading are three times more likely to read above the expected level than those that do not. Encouraging teachers as reading role models, developing a whole-school reading environment and providing a rich range of books and stories for children are all key to ensuring pupils become life-long readers.

  • kids with books

    Reading for Pleasure CPD

    Engage with research and develop sustainable strategies to embed a culture of reading in your school and classroom.
    Learn more
  • Love our Libraries

    Love our Libraries

    Love our Libraries provides online training, resources and research for those working in school libraries.
    Learn more
  • Reading Environment

    Developing a whole-school reading environment

    These resources for primary teachers provide practical tips and ideas for inspiring a vibrant whole-school reading environment.
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Early language and phonics

For the teaching of early reading to be successful, it needs a balanced and creative approach in a context of rich oral language development. This should include the systematic teaching of phonics as well as focusing on application in context, exploring comprehension, developing vocabulary and instilling reading enjoyment.

  • Early years

    HELLO improvement framework

    Audit language and communication provision in the early years.
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  • Shhhhhhh.jpg

    Great books for teaching phonics

    This resource contains a selection of high-quality picture books that support the teaching of phonics.
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  • Boy_in_blue_reading.jpg

    Reading aloud and sharing books is good for talking

    Reading aloud encourages development of early language.
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Next steps

Contact our schools team to see how we can help support you further with training, consultancy and additional resources.

Email schools@literacytrust.org.uk or call 020 7587 3067.