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Writers for Life: Enhancing progress in KS2 writing

IPEELL writing

What is Writers for Life?

Writers for life is our new intervention designed to Increase the writing skills and confidence of children in Key Stage 2 using self-motivation and metacognitive skills.

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Writing provides a valuable vehicle for children to express ideas, thoughts and feelings and to deepen understanding. It plays a vital role in learning and academic attainment.

However, our research has shown that since 2021, writing enjoyment has dropped to its lowest levels in over ten years.

Building on our existing success in supporting and developing primary writing, we have designed this new intervention which aims to improve writing quality and empower children to take ownership of the writing process. Core approaches drawn from the whole-school IPEELL programme have been adapted to meet the needs of children that will benefit from focused teaching to accelerate progress towards age-related expectations.

Writers for Life will support teachers to build pupils' engagement with writing, developing their skills, confidence, independence and enjoyment. Based on the IPEELL approach, it uses memorable experiences, develops positive attitudes and draws upon Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) to improve pupils’ writing.

Who should use Writers for Life?

The intervention is aimed at teachers and teaching assistants supporting children in upper Key Stage 2 who have low prior attainment or lack writing stamina.

Writers for Life can be used as both a complement to reinforce IPEELL or as a standalone intervention for less confident writers.

How it works

Writers for Life offers a streamlined, fully planned set of three learning sequences each made up of five sessions.

Lesson content and supporting tools have been carefully designed to reduce cognitive load, allowing children to focus on approaches that support independence in writing across a range of text types.

Teachers will be provided with an intervention facilitator’s manual and two webinars to support pupils’ progress.

Why use Writers for Life?

  • Based on EEF research in partnership with the Calderdale Excellence Partnership

  • Can be used across different text types in all subject areas

  • Works with existing teaching methods

  • Provides a structure to help organise pupils’ writing

  • Provides a method for pupils to evaluate their work

  • Provides a framework for children to take ownership of the writing process

Accessing the writing intervention

The cost of the intervention is £350 per school and it can be used for groups of up to 10 children. Schools that participated in Improving Writing in KS2 (IPEELL) will receive a £50 discount.

The programme provides:

  • Teaching materials including a handbook and sample text types
  • Pupil-facing resources
  • A year of National Literacy Trust premium membership
  • Training webinars

New dates scheduled for Writers for Life

The next round of training will take place on Monday 1 July 2024 via Zoom:

  • Session one: 9.30 - 11.30
  • Session two: 12.30 - 14.30

"...Pupils are exposed to a range of genres and build their experience and understanding through explicit success criteria. Pupils are confident and enthusiastic writers and current books show that pupils are making good progress in their writing."

Ofsted (2017) following an inspection of a school which has implemented the IPEELL structure in classroom practice.