Skills Academy

Following recent disruption to learning, more students than ever will need support with their English skills. Help support your Year 7 & 8 students with Skills Academy, our targetted reading intervention programme that can improve their reading, get them engaged and motivated, and find their reason to read today.

About the programme

Skills Academy is a reading intervention for students aged 11 to 13 that can effectively support students improve their comprehension skills and motivation to read. Buy it now or read on to find out more.

“The mean average reading age improvement for the pupils involved in Skills Academy was 1.01 years. One pupil improved his reading age by 3.07 years.” Andrew Jackson, Canon Slade School

It is a highly engaging tool that teaches five core comprehension skills by using appealing and relatable texts to motivate even the most reluctant readers. Skills Academy also helps with students` well-being by including rewards and physical movement in every lesson. 10 lesson plans use football and reading, and breakdance and beatbox and reading, to engage secondary students and support their reading and writing.

“A student came to us with huge literacy deficits and a complete lack of self-confidence. Skills Academy was a catalyst for turning her life around and improving her life chances.” Nina Moore, Full Circle Education

Our recent evaluation showed that half of students participating in Skills Academy improved their reading age on average by 8.4 months over the 10 week programme, while 7 in 10 (71%) students said reading interesting texts as part of the programme had motivated them to be better readers.

“It's an extremely comprehensive programme which engages the pupils and is structured well.”

Teacher evaluation feedback

The current Ofsted framework requires the running of intervention programmes for students who are struggling. The latest research from the EEF stipulates schools should plan to support students with the weakest levels of literacy, particularly in Year 7. Skills Academy will help your school provide for this need.

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What you’ll get

  • One year’s access to the Skills Academy website

    Your students can test their reading skills with online comprehension challenges and have their progress rewarded with exclusive video tutorials from some of the UK’s best freestyle footballers, beatboxers and breakdancers.

  • Curriculum-linked lesson plans

    10 detailed lesson plans for each module are available in ready-to-use PowerPoint sessions. This is a complete scheme of work that has cross-curricular impact.

  • Books and materials for your class

    You will receive 10 books as a class library that you can use with the students to encourage reading for pleasure. Downloadable handouts are provided with the lesson plans and all the videos, 20 for each module, are accessed through the Skills Academy website.

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What it costs

Skills Academy costs just £150. You can register an unlimited number of students on the programme throughout your 12-month subscription.

When you sign up to the programme your school also receives a year's membership of the National Literacy Trust worth £100 which gives you access to all of our premium resources and wealth of expertise.

Consider using your pupil premium for this programme – all your students will benefit!

Start delivering the programme in your school.

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