Skills Academy

Skills Academy helps Year 7 and 8 students improve their reading, rewarding their progress by teaching them exciting football tricks.

About the programme

Across 10 lessons, students are taught five core reading comprehension skills using engaging football-themed texts. Their progress is then tested in online challenges. Completing the challenges will unlock exclusive video tutorials from top freestyle footballers, which will teach your students impressive football tricks.

What you’ll get

25% off until the end of March! For just £150 (normal price £200 for existing National Literacy Trust members), your school will receive:

  • One year’s access to the Skills Academy website

    Your students can test their reading skills with online comprehension challenges and have their progress rewarded with exclusive video tutorials from two of the of the UK’s best freestyle footballers.

  • Curriculum-linked lesson plans

    10 lesson plans which focus on core reading comprehension skills, including a vocabulary builder and guidance notes.

  • Books and materials for your class

    20 copies of the football novel Keeper by Mal Peet, along with 20 posters, bookmarks and stickers for use in the classroom.

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What is freestyle football?

Freestyle football is the sport of performing tricks with a football. It has grown massively in popularity in the last few years and is now practised by at least 500,000 people across the world.

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