Skills Academy

Skills Academy helps Year 7 and 8 students improve their reading, rewarding their progress by teaching them exciting freestyle football tricks, beatbox techniques and breakdance routines. Our interim research has shown that 1 in 3 participating pupils improved their reading age by an average of 11 months.

About the programme

Skills Academy is a 10-week intervention programme that teaches five core reading comprehension skills using engaging texts and online challenges. When completed successfully, the challenges will unlock exclusive video tutorials from professional freestyle footballers, beatboxers and breakdancers. Students are motivated to learn more each week from texts that interest them and rewards that inspire them.

With generous support from Clarks, two modules have now launched as part of the programme: freestyle football and beatbox & breakdance. Teachers have access to both modules and can assign their student groups according to their interests and motivations.

To find out more, visit the Skills Academy website or email If you want to start delivering Skills Academy in your school, you can buy the programme now.

What you’ll get

  • One year’s access to the Skills Academy website

    Your students can test their reading skills with online comprehension challenges and have their progress rewarded with exclusive video tutorials from some of the UK’s best freestyle footballers, beatboxers and breakdancers.

  • Curriculum-linked lesson plans

    10 detailed lesson plans for each module are available in ready-to-use PowerPoint sessions, with two sessions assigned to each of the five core comprehension skills.

  • Books and materials for your class

    You will receive 15 copies of a class reader that you can select from a choice of five titles. Downloadable handouts are provided with the lesson plans and all the videos, 20 for each module, are accessed through the Skills Academy website.

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What it costs

Skills Academy costs just £100. You can register an unlimited number of students on the programme throughout your 12-month subscription. When you sign up to the programme your school also receives a year`s free membership to the National Literacy Trust (also worth £100) which gives you access to all of our premium resources and wealth of expertise.

Start delivering the programme in your school.