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Literacy in PE

Added 08 May 2018
Physical Education

Traditionally, PE has not been a subject with a strong focus on literacy. However, with the introduction of new GCSE specifications for PE and sport science, the reading and writing demands are much higher, and teachers of secondary pupils need to develop new approaches to embedding literacy into their content planning.

This resource will:

  • Provide guidance on the text types and language features that students will need to identify
  • Examine the role of speaking and listening in PE, and the importance of using subject-specific vocabulary 
  • Consider reading skills for comprehension and interpretation that will enable students to understand and analyse exam questions
  • Address writing skills for the formal, academic language and provision of precise detail and explanation needed in assessed written work

Additionally, the vocabulary resource focuses on subject-specific and academic terminology, and a sample writing task exemplifies how literacy skills can be integrated into PE and sport science learning.