Sport and literacy

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We use the excitement and passion surrounding sport to motivate and inspire young people to improve their literacy skills.


We have a range of programmes for primary and secondary schools which use the power of sport to motivate pupils and students.

  • Skills Academy breakdance

    Skills Academy

    Skills Academy helps Year 7 and 8 students improve their reading, rewarding their progress by teaching them exciting freestyle football tricks, beatbox techniques and...
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  • Leicester Tigers

    Rugby Reading Champions

    Rugby Reading Champions helps children aged 9 to 11 improve their reading skills with exciting rugby-themed lessons.
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  • Theo Walcott PLPS

    Premier League Primary Stars

    Use the appeal of the Premier League and professional football clubs to inspire children to learn, be active and develop important life skills.
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  • Active Literacy

    Active Literacy

    Active Literacy is a programme we have developed with The FA, which uses the power of storytelling to engage girls aged five to eight years old in team sports.
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We have lots of classroom resources based around sport.

Success stories

We have over 15 years’ experience using sport to improve children and young people’s literacy.

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Theo Walcott PLPS