Sounds Fun - phonics for parents


Sounds Fun is based on our long-running programme, Early Words Together, proven to improve the home learning environment of families vulnerable to low literacy issues.

School staff are trained to help parents support their child’s phonics learning, to say letters-sounds accurately and understand segmenting and blending, as well as foster the enjoyment of sharing books.

When it comes to phonics, parents often feel confused, overwhelmed and unsure how they can support their child. Now more than ever, it is important that parents feel confident to support their child’s learning at home by consolidating the foundations of the phonics they are learning in class.

This programme seeks to demystify phonics for parents and enable them to play with spoken words and sounds with their child in a fun way, fostering good phonemic awareness and giving parents the confidence and skills to support their child who is learning to read.

*suitable for parents and children in Year 1 who may have gaps in their phonics knowledge from Reception

The programme includes

  • Three hours of online training for teachers/teaching assistants
  • Sounds Fun toolkit which includes guidance on strategies for making phonics learning fun, engaging and supporting parents with low literacy skills, and working with families new to English.
  • Toolkit includes six comprehensive session plans for small-group parental workshops introducing enjoyable ways to practise letters and sounds in phases 2 to 3
  • Linked parent takeaways providing phonics activities for parents to do with their child after each session
  • National Literacy Trust membership with access to further resources to support early reading
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