EURO 2020

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In line with the UEFA EURO 2020 tournament (yes we know it's 2021!) and as part of The FA’s UEFA EURO 2020 Schools Pack, the National Literacy Trust is excited to announce four stimulating and exciting resources this summer term. We have: a free live event; a free 'live' Euro story; a free UEFA EURO 2020 reading challenge and a free online Euro 2020 Football reading game video! Our thanks to The FA and Rebellion publishing for supporting this work.

Here’s a flavour of the fun literacy activities which you can engage your class in, and get them excited about reading through their love of football.

Follow Tom Palmer's ‘live story’ online in June and July

Featuring characters from Tom’s Roy of the Rovers books, Roy and his sister, Rocky, the story is being written in 14 ‘live’ chapters by Tom Palmer, and released a chapter at a time during the tournament on this page by 07.30 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning.

Chapter 1 was published in advance within the UEFA EURO 2020 Schools Pack, and can be downloaded from The FA site as well as here from this page. Now that the UEFA EURO 2020 tournament has kicked off, all further chapters will be published here. You can also download our regular writing challenges that support the story for your class to enjoy.

Chapter 14 is the final chapter. Thank you for reading the story everyone! and thank you to Tom and Rebecca Palmer for working through the nights to bring you this.

It might not have come home today, but here's to the next EUROs, next summer, when the Lionesses will step up alongside some other brilliant teams! We'll be working with The FA to bring you another story, another journey...

Please take a moment to let us know what you thought about this reading challenge via this online survey. It will help us shape the next football challenge!

Please complete our UEFA EURO 2020 Expression of Interest form below for all updates.

Our UEFA EURO 2020 Reading Challenge wallchart


As part of The FA’s UEFA EURO 2020 Schools Pack and the National Literacy Trust’s Reading Challenges for schools, as of 25 May, we are excited to announce a new Reading Challenge which comprises a wallchart reflecting the tournament fixtures. Pupils choose, or are allocated through a traditional football draw, a text which they 'play' in book matches against other pupils' texts - the challenge being to see which text will make it through the tournament stages to be be crowned champions of Europe!

You'll need to head over to The FA website and download the poster and a guide on how to run the challenge. You'll also find recommended reading lists for Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 there. (You’ll need to scroll to the bottom of The FA page to where it says: SUPPORTING RESOURCES (X15).) What’s more, the first 1,000 schools to sign up can get a free A2-sized physical wallchart.

This reading challenge is featured as part of The FA’s UEFA EURO 2020 Schools Pack, among 11 other exciting curriculum-based challenges, which you can access for free from The FA website. This pack includes activity sheets, teaching guides, and classroom display resources.

Catch up on our live Euro 2020 event with Tom Palmer!

Join Tom Palmer as he reads the first chapter of his exclusive 'live' story, answers questions from pupils across the country and chats about all the exciting events we've got coming up this summer.

Take part in the EURO 2020 Reading Game with Tom Palmer

Tom has recorded an exclusive ' Euros special' of his much-loved Football Reading Game. Challenge your class to take part in this amazing quiz about football.... and reading!


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