International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day

Show your support on 8 September 2019

On International Literacy Day (Sunday 8 September 2019), we're running a campaign to draw attention to the fact that 1 in 8 disadvantaged children don’t own a single book.

These children will be held back at every stage of their lives.

They will struggle to do well in school or to find a job, and when they become parents won't be able to support their own child's learning - creating a vicious cycle of deprivation.

But you can help break this cycle. Here's how.

Give the gift of reading

You could transform a child's life story with a donation of just £7, which could pay for a child taking part in a programme that sparks a love of reading to choose their very first book to take home and keep forever.

If you make this a regular donation, you can put countless other children on the path to a brighter future.

Alternatively, text 'GIFTOFREADING 7' to 70085 to donate £7 to give the gift of reading.

Share on social media

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Post on social media about your favourite childhood book, and help raise awareness about the one in eight disadvantaged children who do not have a book of their own.

Post a tweet or write your own post. Here's an example post, or you can use the text below:

  • 1 in 8 disadvantaged children don’t own a single book. They’ll never get to experience the joy of getting lost in a good story. Text 'GIFTOFREADING 7' to 70085 to donate £7 to the @Literacy_Trust this #InternationalLiteracyDay.

Please make sure that you use one of the following hashtags or handles so that we can share your posts!

Hold a Books and Bakes event

Hold a 'Books and Bakes' event at your school, with your book group, your place of work or with friends and family. Every penny you raise will help us to support the literacy skills of disadvantaged children.

Find out more

How books can change a child's life story

How a book can change a child's life story

Dan is a Year 6 pupil who lives in Middlesbrough. Although bright, he was underperforming at school and falling behind with his reading. Dan’s mother works long hours in a supermarket, which meant that Dan often stayed up late and as a result was tired during lessons.

Dan’s school took part in our Young Readers Programme giving him the chance to attend fun events based around reading and books. Before starting the programme, he wasn’t an enthusiastic or confident reader, but his teacher was pleasantly surprised by how captivated he was by the first Young Readers Programme event.

At the event, children at Dan’s school were taught how to choose books they might enjoy, and each pupil got to choose a book to take home with them.

Dan chose to keep a book called Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy, which he loved. He even inspired the other children to read books by this author too. Immediately after he started the Young Readers Programme, Dan’s mother noticed a change in him. Instead of staying up late, she noted that “he wants to go to bed earlier so he can finish his book.”

Dan’s literacy levels have also soared, from being two years below his expected level, to being at the top end for his age. He has now made a total of three years’ progress in reading. His headteacher describes the programme’s impact as “one of those magic moments – the effect was just amazing on the children who took part."

Thank you

Your support and your donations will to inspire children from the poorest communities in the UK to fall in love with reading, giving them the confidence and skills they need to unlock their full potential, increase their aspirations and career opportunities for a brighter future.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our work please contact Laura or Emily by email or by calling 020 7587 1842