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Fundraise at work

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Fundraising at work is always fun and a really effective way to raise a significant amount of money. Whether you want to do something low key like a bake sale or something with a bit more organisation involved such as an office sports day, there are lots of options to suit every person and workplace!

And if you have a radical idea that we haven't mentioned below, please do get in touch and we can help you set it up!

Fundraising Ideas

Why not organise a fundraising event and involve all your colleagues - we've listed a few ideas to help you get started below:

Wigs for gigs

Ask everyone to come to work in a silly wig and make a £2 donation for the privilege! Why not add a lunchtime karaoke or air guitar contest?

Donate lunch money

Ask colleagues to bring in a packed lunch and donate the money they would typically spend on lunch. Make it a social affair by creating a picnic area and show a film or sports match.

Friday fundraising

A Friday drinks or sweet treats trolley is a surprisingly good way to raise money on a regular basis over the year.

Trash or treasure party

Invite your colleagues to bring five unwanted items to a trash or treasure party after work. One person's trash may be another's treasure! Provide drinks and nibbles and get swapping. Ask them to make a donation for the evening.

Forfeit jar

Put a ban on swearing for the day with penalties varying according to the severity of the word. You could also put a forfeit on a word over-used by someone in the office.

Your fundraising guide

Our digital fundraising pack is full of handy downloads to help you raise funds:

Ordering materials

We would also be happy to send you collection boxes, balloons, stickers and t-shirts to help with your fundraising. Let us know what you are planning and what you might need.

Getting your money to us

  • Donate via our website. Deposit the money you have raised into your bank account, and make a donation here. Don't forget to let us know how you raised the money so we can thank you!
  • Send us a cheque. Please make this payable to National Literacy Trust and sent to 68 South Lambeth Road, London, SW8 1RL. Please include a note to tell us know you raised the money.
  • Pay into our bank account. Please call us on 020 7820 6254 for our bank account details.
  • Please don't send cash in the post!

If you have any questions, or would like to find out more about how your company can support our work, please get in touch with with our Fundraising and Events Manager Laura on 020 7820 6254, or send her an email.

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