Language and Literacy within the Curriculum CPD

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This course will help subject heads and teachers develop their literacy pedagogy and equips literacy leaders with strategic tools for audit, evaluation, monitoring and dissemination. The course takes place over three sessions, each focusing on a different area of literacy: oracy, reading and writing.

"Another fantastic session where we’ve come away with some inspirational ideas and strategies to implement in our schools”

Participant from Northfield School and Sports College

"… Schools should strengthen whole-school literacy work across all departments to ensure that students extend and consolidate their literacy skills in all appropriate contexts."

Ofsted, Moving English Forward

About the course

Language and Literacy within the Curriculum is aimed at teachers and literacy leaders working with Key Stage 3. We explore a range of approaches and strategies.

  • Explore oral language as the basis for all literacy development

    Review your current approach, identifying areas for development and learn strategies to address these concerns. Look at the research base for oracy as the key to social mobility and develop an understanding of the links between talking and writing.

  • Understand the writing process and learn strategies for modelling grammar in secondary subjects

    An introduction to the text types of the secondary curriculum and the demands on pupils to write in one or more. Look in depth at spelling, grammar and punctuation - moving away from the Key Stage 2 curriculum and managing literacy at transition.

  • Explore approaches to reading across different text types and genres to support pupils in every subject

    Develop an understanding of multimodal literacy, paying close attention to the difference between viewing and reading. Learn to support weaker readers and those with English as a second language in your subject with practical classroom strategies.

  • Create an environment of collaborative study, professional dialogue and critical reflection through joint practice development

    Participants learn from each other, share practice and examine different approaches and challenges. We encourage the group to take what they have learned back into their schools and trial approaches and see what works best for them.


Course structure and pricing


The course takes place over three days, spread across two terms to allow critical reflection between sessions.

Day 1: Oracy (aligns with EEF toolkit: oral language interventions)

  • Speaking and listening research and theory
  • Oracy strategies for higher order talk
  • From talk to writing: introduction to the register continuum
  • Review and trial strategies to develop pupils' oracy skills in subjects
  • Reviewing subject areas with a focus on speaking and listening

Day 2: Writing

  • Review of whole school oracy progress and impact of strategies trialled
  • The register continuum: understand the theory behind 'talk as a bridge to writing'
  • Explore the demands of writing for secondary subjects
  • The progression in 'SPAG' from Key Stage 2
  • Reviewing current practice in teaching writing within the curriculum

Day 3: Reading

  • Review of day 2 writing progress and impact of strategies trialled
  • Reading and viewing: what is the difference about multi-modal literacy?
  • Explore ways to develop active reading in subjects
  • Practical strategies to support reading: Reciprocal reading, DARTS and BDA strategies
  • Plans for cascading knowledge to department and beyond


To promote collaborative practice, we encourage the literacy lead plus 3-4 subject heads (or teachers keen to progress to teachers middle leadership) to attend.

  • £500 for the first participant
  • £400 for each additional participant
  • We invite a head or senior leader to attend the first session free of charge
  • Attendance includes one year's membership of the National Literacy Trust giving all teachers in the school access to a range of resources.*

*existing National Literacy Trust Members receive a £50 discount per school. To get your discount code or for help with booking email or phone 020 7820 6258.

"Incredibly knowledgeable tutor. Totally relevant. Very helpful. I am inspired to get cracking with literacy."

Participant, Haywood Academy, Stoke

Resources related to cross-curricular literacy

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