The greatest (virtual) literary quiz ever!

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Do you have a love of literacy, a passion for prose, a grasp of grammar, or consider yourself the fount of all literary knowledge? Then why not host the greatest literacy quiz ever to raise funds, and help close the literacy gap here in the UK?

Why is this quiz so great?

Because all questions and answers have been submitted by our supporters and fact checked by the expert team at the National Literacy Trust, and no two quizzes are exactly the same!

How do I get a quiz pack?

You can request your free quiz pack by completing the form below or emailing Rebecca or Katharine. We'll then email you a pack will full quiz instructions, and 5 rounds of literary questions and answers.

How do I host an online quiz?

Social distancing is in place, but there are lots of options to host your quiz online! Depending on the number of people taking part, you could consider Zoom, Facebook messenger, Whatsapp or stream a Facebook Live event. We'll send you information about each platform so you can choose which you would prefer.

How do I raise funds from my quiz?

Set up a JustGiving page and start raising funds from your quiz!

Ask all of your participants to make a donation to take part. You could suggest a donation of £2 per person, or ask people to donate what they can. Here is some wording you can use for your JustGiving page (but feel free to edit with your own message):

Test your knowledge by taking part in my 'Greatest Literary Quiz ever' - and support disadvantaged children, throughout the current crisis and beyond!

How will my fundraising help?

As a charity that exists to change the lives of disadvantaged children through literacy, there’s never been a more important time for our work.

The recent school closures across the UK mean that the weeks, and possibly months, ahead will be challenging for any parent.

But for the families of the 4.6 million children already living in poverty in the UK, the pressures of economic hardship, social isolation and needing to support their children’s education and literacy at home could be overwhelming or impossible.

We are adapting our services to ensure that families in the poorest communities, and schools that remain open to some of the most vulnerable children, can access and benefit from our vital literacy support throughout this current crisis.

Every penny you raise will help support these children throughout this unprecedented situation, and for helping to ensure that the we are able to continue supporting them when this crisis is over.

Any questions?

Please contact Rebecca or Katharine on 020 7820 6254 or by email

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