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Host the greatest literacy quiz ever for the National Literacy Trust

Wide Quiz

Do you have a love of literacy, a passion for prose, a grasp of grammar, or consider yourself the fount of all literary knowledge? Then why not host the greatest literacy quiz ever to raise funds, and help close the literacy gap here in the UK?

Why is this quiz so great?

Because all questions and answers have been submitted by our supporters and fact checked by the expert team at the National Literacy Trust, and no two quizzes are exactly the same!

How do I get a quiz pack?

You can download your free quiz pack here.

How do I raise funds from my quiz?

Set up a JustGiving page and start raising funds from your quiz!

Ask all of your participants to make a donation to take part. You could suggest a donation of £2 per person, or ask people to donate what they can. Here is some wording you can use for your JustGiving page (but feel free to edit with your own message):

Test your knowledge by taking part in my 'Greatest Literary Quiz ever' - and support disadvantaged children, throughout the current crisis and beyond!

How will my fundraising help?

As a charity that exists to change the lives of disadvantaged children through literacy, there’s never been a more important time for our work.

The cost of living crisis has pushed many more families into poverty, meaning that more children are growing up hungry, in cold and damp houses, and with parents or carers who are under a huge amount of stress. As a result, they are not in the position to thrive at school and do not have the home learning environment needed to complement and boost their learning.

Through our literacy hubs, we work closely with the local community, providing families with free access to books, events and resources that they need to support their children's literacy. We also provide training and resources for local schools so that they can give every child in their classrooms the chance to succeed.

Every penny you raise will help change these children's life stories and give them a brighter future.

Any questions?

Please contact the fundraising team by email.

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