Early years CPD - resources for participants

Added 17 Oct 2018

The resources on this page are restricted to programme participants.

This page contains all the resources you will need to cascade our early years CPD to other practitioners at your setting. The resources are the same as the ones used in training. This section is only available to schools and settings once they have undertaken National Literacy Trust's early years CPD. The resources are only open to those who have:

  • Purchased early years CPD from the National Literacy Trust
  • Taken part in strategic, funded delivery of early years CPD, led by the National Literacy Trust

Please note that these resources are currently being used as part of early years CPD for practitioners in Ipswich Opportunity Area, in partnership with EasyPeasy with support from Ipswich Teaching School and Suffolk County Council. The CPD is called Champions for Children and is funded by the Department for Education.

Resource descriptions

Early years CPD HELLO tool

An improvement tool to help you assess provision for supporting children's communication, language and social emotional development.

Early years CPD training PowerPoint

A training PowerPoint to enable you to cascade language and social emotional development training to other practitioners at your setting.

Early years CPD training materials

These activities compliment the training PowerPoint. You already did these activities at the initial training. Now you can use them to cascade training to the rest of your setting.

  • Early development milestones: Participants review the developmental milestones for children 0-5 and match them to the appropriate age on the chart.
  • Communication pyramid sorting activity: Participants sort the communication and language activities into the appropriate area of chart.
  • Venn diagram prompts: Participants reflect and discuss in which portion of the speech, language and communication venn diagram each prompt belongs (hint: one prompt can belong in multiple portions of the diagram).
  • Communication pyramid case studies: Participants read each case study to determine where each child is on the communication pyramid.
  • Recipe card: Participants create a step-by-step guide for having positive interactions with young children.

Evaluation materials

  • Parent and practitioner surveys: Use these tools to help complete sections A and B of the HELLO tool.
  • Case study template: Complete this case study after you have run the action plan at your setting.
  • Case study example: Read this sample case study to see an example of what yours can look like.

These CPD activities were created by National Literacy Trust with expert consultancy from Janet Cooper, Speech, Language Therapist and Early Language and Communication Strategy Lead in Stoke on Trent.