Early years CPD

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Our CPD develops practitioners' skills and knowledge in the areas of communication, language and literacy (CLL) and social and emotional development. It also provides strategies to help practitioners support parents to develop an effective home learning environment.

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"Early education can have the greatest impact on children from disadvantaged families and is crucial in narrowing the gap in development and attainment between groups of children."

Melhuish et al., 2017

From September 2018 to June 2019, our early years CPD will run in Ipswich as part of an exciting collaboration between the National Literacy Trust and EasyPeasy. The training, titled Champions for Children, is supported by Suffolk County Council and Ipswich Teaching & Research School, and funded by the Department for Education.

What does the training cover?

  • Strategies for supporting language and communication

    Practitioners will learn about typical language development for children age 0-5 and how to support skill development in this area.

  • Strategies for supporting emotional development

    Practitioners will learn evidence-based strategies for supporting emotional development, specifically resilience and self-regulation, for children age 0-5.

  • Parental engagement strategies to support an improved home learning environment

    The training will provide concrete ways for practitioners to engage parents in supporting their child's development at home, including evidence-based home learning activities through the EasyPeasy app.

  • Development of an action plan to drive improvement

    Practitioners will be supported to review their existing provision and develop an action plan for improvements. Strategies and resources for cascading learning to colleagues will be provided.

“The development of self-regulation and executive function is consistently linked with successful learning.”

EEF, 2018

How do settings take part?

Between October 2018 – June 2019, only early years settings in Ipswich (postcodes IP1 - IP4) are eligible to take part in the course.

The CPD consists of a full day face-to-face training session and a follow-up webinar hosted by EasyPeasy.

Two practitioners per setting can attend.

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Resources for practitioners

Here we share all the resources you need to cascade our early years CPD to others at your setting. Access is restricted to practitioners who have taken part in training.

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