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Early years CPD

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Our CPD develops practitioners' skills and knowledge in the areas of communication, language and literacy (CLL) and social and emotional development. It also provides strategies to help practitioners support parents to develop an effective home learning environment.

"Early education can have the greatest impact on children from disadvantaged families and is crucial in narrowing the gap in development and attainment between groups of children."

Melhuish et al., 2017

The impact

From September 2018 to June 2019, our early years CPD, funded by the Department for Education, ran in the Ipswich Opportunity Area. As part of the project, 116 early years professionals, now called Child Development Champions, from 66 nurseries in Ipswich were trained in techniques known to support children’s language development and in strategies to support parents to continue their child’s learning at home. The evaluation of the project shows that:

  • Practitioners are more likely to engage and involve parents to support language and communication development

  • Practitioners are more likely to engage with parents to discuss social and emotional development

  • Practitioners take actions more often to create an enabling environment to support social and emotional development

  • Practitioners engage more frequently in behaviours that demonstrate knowledge and skills in supporting children's communication and language

  • Practitioners support social and emotional development in children through language and communication more frequently

  • Practitioners are more likely to implement actions to create an enabling environment in the setting that stimulates communication and language

“The development of self-regulation and executive function is consistently linked with successful learning.”

EEF, 2018

Resources for practitioners

Here we share all the resources you need to cascade our early years CPD to others at your setting. Access is restricted to practitioners who have taken part in training.

Download resources
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