Disability awareness for early years children book list

Added 12 Oct 2021

There are many different types of disabilities. Some are more visible whereas other are hidden disabilities. The charity Scope states that 8% of children in the UK are disabled, so it is quite likely that there will be disabled children in every school or nursery. Books can be a useful way of increasing disability awareness in your setting.

It is important to share books and stories that include positive representations of disabled people. This should include disabled characters, without their disability being the focus of the story. There are also occasions when it is important to address disabilities directly. This book list provides some examples of books that can be shared with early years children.

On this page you can download a list of our selection of books that includes stories with disabled characters in them and also books that directly address disabilities.

In addition, Scope has published storybooks featuring disabled children. They are no longer available as printed books, but you can download pdf versions.