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Science Week book lists for early years

Added 21 Feb 2022 | Updated 27 Feb 23

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What is British Science Week?

British Science week is an annual ten day event which takes place in March. It is run by the British Science Association to celebrate and promote science, technology, engineering and maths. It provides a platform to support and engage teachers, professionals who work within STEM, and the general public, to organise and take part in STEM events and activities.

British Science Week 2023

British Science Week is taking place between 10 - 19 March 2023, this year’s theme is ‘Connections’. British Science Week 2023 activity packs are available to download and the British Science week Poster Competition can be found here.

Use our booklist to find books to support learning about connections and ourselves, connections to our homes, connections to the environment, connections to the world around us, and connections to animals. The selection of non-fiction books and stories includes books such as The Street Beneath my Feet. Charlotte Gullain and Yuval Zommer explore the complex systems of life and technology that lie underneath our feet in the countryside and the city. In the Connections to the environment section there are books such as 10 Things I Can Do to Help My World by Melanie Walsh, which includes gentle reminders of things we can all do to help protect our planet.

Download the Connections 2023 booklist from the available files list on this page.

Past activities for British Science Week

British Science Week 2022

The theme for British Science 2022 was ‘Growth’.

Use our booklist to find out about the growth of plants, animals and humans, the seasons, life cycles and the importance of having a growth mindset. The stories include characters such as The Teeny Weeny Tadpole, who wishes he could jump and swim, Joe, a boy with a big imagination who plants a tiny seed on his balcony and a little girl who simply can’t stop growing, no matter how hard she tries!

Download the Growth 2022 booklist from the available files list on this page.

British Science Week 2021

The theme for British Science Week 2021 was ‘Innovating for the future’.

The theme aimed to inspire inquisitive minds and asked them to come up with ideas for machines they would like to invent. It also highlighted how innovation is part of our everyday lives.

The books on this book list can be used to inspire young inventors to come up with their own creations. The stories include characters such as Izzy, Audrey and Monty, who work through a variety of unsuccessful inventions before coming up with some fantastic creations. Zara is inspired by engineers who have shaped the world around her and Jack is bored of his house and so designs a new one.

Download the Inovating for the future 2021 booklist from the available files list on this page.

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