Vision for Literacy Business Pledge 2020

WHSmith Young Readers 2

Research estimates that if every child left primary school with the reading skills they need, our economy could be more than £32.1 billion bigger by 2025. Low literacy and numeracy skills are also affecting our productivity as a nation.

Now in its fifth year, the Vision for Literacy Business Pledge calls on UK businesses to join the national literacy campaign to help close the nation’s literacy gap and boost social mobility.

In 2020, we are considering the localised nature of the literacy challenge. 86% of constituencies in England contain at least one ward at risk of serious literacy problems, which requires local and coordinated solutions.

First established by the National Literacy Forum in 2015, with the support of KPMG. This year 79 businesses have pledged to take action. You can download the 2020 pledge here.

Examples of action taken by businesses include:

  • British Land who have supported the reading skills and enjoyment of 8,234 primary school children across the UK
  • McDonalds who worked with the National literacy Trust to support families reading together by having free books in every Happy Meal™ over five weeks
  • The Premier League who’s Writing Stars competition inspired more than 25,000 primary school children to write poetry

If you are a business who is interested in signing up to the pledge, please email