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Vision for Literacy Business Pledge

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What is the Vision for Literacy Business Pledge?

The Vision for Literacy Business Pledge provides a framework for business action to help close the literacy gap between disadvantaged young people and their more affluent peers.

The Pledge was established by the National Literacy Forum in 2015, with the support of KPMG UK. We are now in our eighth year and, so far, 97 businesses have signed up and are committed to taking action.

Find out more about the 2023 Vision for Literacy Business Pledge.

Our Pledge signatories engage their employees in a number of ways. Some focus their efforts on raising literacy levels in their communities. Others contribute to national campaigns such as the Primary School Library Alliance. The National Literacy Trust supports those who sign up for the Pledge by providing ongoing practical support.

At an event in January, hosted by KPMG UK, Pledge signatories met to discuss how businesses can help promote literacy. Our keynote speaker, Ben Fletcher, made the case that businesses should build on their strengths and leverage what makes them commercially successful to support the cause. Read a summary of Ben's speech.

The Vision for Literacy Business Pledge in 2023

This year’s Pledge will focus on literacy and the cost-of-living crisis. Our recent research found that rising costs are disproportionately impacting the literacy of disadvantaged young people. 1 in 3 parents who are struggling financially said that they are spending less on books and educational devices for their children. This will exacerbate and entrench existing literacy inequality.

By signing up for the Vision for Literacy Business Pledge, your business can help to ensure that every child has the literacy skills they need for life, irrespective of their background.

How can I get involved?

If you'd like to get more information on the Pledge, please email

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