Kids transform classrooms into reading havens at Abingdon Primary School

24 Mar 2014
Abingdon School

Children at Abingdon Primary School gave their classrooms a temporary makeover last week to create exciting reading environments through the National Literacy Trust’s Young Readers Programme which helps children develop a love of reading.

Year 1 pupils had a princes, princesses and knights theme with costumes and a river with a drawbridge which children had to cross to choose their books and then read them. Years 4 and 5 pupils created a mini festival in their classrooms with tents and sleeping bags so they could choose and enjoy their books within the festival atmosphere. Years 3 and 6 had a sleepover theme, where they dressed up in pyjamas and created a cosy setting for them to relax and enjoy their books.

Allison Potter, Literacy Hub manager at National Literacy Trust says:

“Having a fun reading area in a school helps pupils to relax and focus their energies. By making reading a sociable activity and encouraging children to celebrate books through creating a special reading space, more children will be inspired to read, share their reading, and encourage other children to do the same.”