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Young Readers Programme coordinator zone

Added 25 Jul 2017

Children enjoying the Young Readers Programme

Welcome to the Young Readers Programme coordinator zone!

Thank you for all the work you are putting in to developing a love of reading for enjoyment in your children.

This area is designed to give you all the resources you need to deliver the Young Readers Programme in your school. Take a look at the event resources, book lists, and template documents below, or download the Young Readers Programme Handbook for further support. (Please note that some resources are only accessible to those with National Literacy Trust membership).

Event resources

As part of the Young Readers Programme, children receive books during fun events. The following event plans are designed to help you create the most enjoyable possible events. Themed book lists have also been included in the plans.

Suggested book lists

Use these book lists to help you choose the right books for your children. Of course, ultimately, it will be speaking to your children which will give you the best idea of what they enjoy reading!

Template documents

These documents will save you time when you're planning and running your Young Readers Programme.

Anything else?

Do you have another resource that would help you run the Young Readers Programme in your school? Or do you have a great idea that you'd like to share with other teachers?

Get in touch with the Young Readers Programme team.