Young Readers Story Club

About this collection

This collection of short films feature some of our favourite storytellers, poets, writers and illustrators telling exciting stories.

Each video has a different theme and a fun challenge to complete. The stories can be used in the classroom simply to be enjoyed, or you can build on them to introduce different themes and genres, and to support children to create their own stories to share.


In this Story Club film we celebrate friendship. Join our challenge and tell us what makes your friends special!

Thank you to British Land and the WHSmith Trust for their support in funding these films. These resources have been developed by the National Literacy Trust as part of the award winning Young Readers Programme.

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  • Young Readers Story Club Manchester poets2.PNG

    Manchester poets

    We're sure you'll love these fabulous performances from two of our favourite Manchester poets.
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  • Treasure at the Beach

    Stories from the Birmingham Rep Theatre

    This collection of story activities is perfect for KS1 and KS2
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  • Young Readers Story Club_Scottish Folktales.png

    Scottish Folk tales

    Be amazed by these magical stories of myth and legend.
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  • Young Readers Story Club_Under the Sea.png

    Under the sea

    Enjoy these captivating tales from under the sea, and learn how to make your own shadow puppets.
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  • Young Readers Story Club_Dinosaurs.PNG


    Join in with our fabulous dinosaur draw along and terrific T-Rex poems!
    Watch now
  • Young Readers Story Club_Middlesbrough.PNG

    Middlesbrough tales

    Join Middlesbrough authors to enjoy a Knights and Bikes story, plus a Karate Kids draw along.
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  • Young Readers Story Club - Togetherness


    We celebrate Reading Together Day with two exciting stories about togetherness.
    Watch now
  • Young Readers Story Club: Animals

    Wild animals

    Do you like wildlife? Then enjoy these great stories and poems about wild animals.
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  • Young Readers Story Club: Tale of Rodney

    The tale of Rodney

    Author Guy Bass tells a hilarious story about a boy whose head falls off, inspired by his time growing up in Peterborough.
    Watch now
  • Young Readers Story Club

    Swansea stories

    Watch Swansea story-tellers bringing you tales of rugby and pirates.
    Watch now
  • Young Readers Story Club Self Esteem

    Self esteem

    Watch poetry and stories about believing in yourself.
    Watch now
  • Story Club episode 3


    If you love all things sport then this episode is for you.
    Watch now
  • Story Club episode 1

    Mythical creatures

    The first episode of our Young Readers Story Club looks at mythical creatures.
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