Six Towns Storytelling

Alan Barrett storyteller at Bear Hunt event

How can a city so far from the sea have a pirate? Yet apparently we did! Why did he become a pirate? What treasure did he steal? Why is it important to Tunstall?

Molly Leigh was the Burslem Witch. Or was she? You should make your own mind up, and perhaps this story will help you. Perhaps it might just cause you to think.

Please note this video is quite spooky... we recommend adult viewing before sharing it with younger children.

Hanley is a very busy shopping town these days, but many years ago, it was busy with potteries, trams, coal and iron, and people making the treasures we value today. Listen to Maisie's story as she meets Sybil Lockheart, a market trader, who was also her great-great-great-great-great-aunt.

Did you know that London Road in Stoke was so famous? Do you know why? Here's a possible reason.

Town Hall Whodunnit!
Fenton Town Hall is a wonderful building and it used to be the local courthouse, with its own jail cells - but one day the crime was committed in the court itself!

Toby Jugg is a Victorian kiln placer, working on the Gladstone Pottery in 1858. His work involves long hours through the night, but one night, he became a genuine hero.