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Aunt Pythia's Peculiar Pet: Day 2

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The Observation Diary

Welcome to Day 2 of Aunt Pythia's Peculiar Pet: Write your own Halloween story.

In this second episode of Aunt Pythia's Peculiar Pet, Dr Nightfowl asks you to write an Observation Diary of your creature (your Familiar). Here are some prompts to help you:

Firstly, what size is your creature? Magical creatures can vary in size, moment to moment, depending on the temperature and time of day and the foods they eat. I have observed that broccoli can cause magical creatures to disappear entirely.

Secondly, when is your familiar active? By day or by night? During its active hours does it change in form and temperament? Is it still friendly in darkness or can it grow a little bitey?

Thirdly – Where does your creature like to nest? Under the sink? In the cat’s bed? Or is it building a nest from your sock collection?

Fourthly – When taking your creature for a walk, does it display any unusual habits? Does it run, slither, fly or burrow? Can you keep it on a lead? Does it get along with other animals?

Fifthly – What sounds does your creature make? Does it purr, bark, hum, zing or buzz? Can these sound cause breakages, fires or floods?

Sixthly - Has your creature displayed any unusual powers yet? Does the weather change suddenly when your pet wakes up? I gave a Marsh Wriggler a rocket lolly and burped a hurricane, most unexpected. Is your creature visible to other humans? Can it transform itself or other objects? Can it communicate with other animals or plants?

Seventhly – What does your creature like to eat e.g. your curtains, the Christmas decorations or ham? Be as imaginative as you want - only you know what your creature looks like!

Be as imaginative as you want - only you know what your creature looks like!

Thank you for taking part in Aunt Pythia’s Peculiar Pet Halloween Activities. We’d love for you to take part in all of Aunt Pythia’s challenges, but you can also focus on just one or two if you wish.

Share Your Challenges!

Once you have completed your Familiar diagram, Observation Diary, Map of the Shadow Lands, your Familiar Binding Spell or your adventures using Familiar Sight - please send your work to for a chance to be featured on our website!

We’ll be asking Aunt Pythia to pick her favourite responses to each of the challenges, with those selected receiving a bundle of free books!


The best entry into the map of the shadow world challenge will see their drawing turned into a professional illustration by the brilliant Lizzie Lovejoy (instagram: @Lizzie_Lovejoy_illustration). You have until 15th November to submit your work, so you can use Halloween for some extra spooky inspiration!

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