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Middlesbrough has the greatest literacy need of any area in England.

Since 2013, Middlesbrough Reads has been working to improve the literacy and future prospects of the town’s children.

The first years of a child’s life are crucial to their development, so our work in Middlesbrough has focused on the early years. Through our work, we have helped to decrease the literacy and early years development gaps in the town.

We work in partnership with Middlesbrough Council and, with funding from Arts Council England, we run exciting literacy projects in the local community.

Edmund the Elephant Story Trail

Take an exciting stroll through Stewart Park on this brilliant and exciting story trail.

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News and success stories

Since 2013, we have worked with local businesses, health, schools, housing, sport and cultural partners to help children and their families understand the importance of reading and make books a priority in their lives.

  • Middlesbrough families

    For families

    We have lots of fun, quick, and easy activities for Middlesbrough families.
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  • Middlesbrough schools

    For schools

    We support schools to improve their literacy levels, and encourage pupils to read and write in their own time.
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  • Middlesbrough supporters

    For supporters

    Find out how you can help to improve literacy in Middlesbrough.
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Connecting Stories

Download and enjoy free Walk and Talk trails and activities!

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Fifth Anniversary Report

Middlesbrough Reads was the first National Literacy Trust Hub. It was establised to break the cycle of poverty and intergenerational low literacy that was impacting on local children’s life chances. In our first five years, we worked with over 40,000 families. You can read more about our impact by downloading our report.

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