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Doncaster Stories is a community driven campaign, which means we need as many local businesses and people involved as possible.

Whether you can volunteer your time, work in your local community, fundraise for our work or donate to our mission, we need your help.

  • All of Doncaster's constituencies have high literacy need

    Our research found that two thirds of all wards in Doncaster's constituencies are vulnerable to low levels of literacy.

  • Last year, 1 in 3 11 year-olds left primary school unable to read well

    This rises to almost half (49%) of pupils on free school meals

  • But secondary school pupils are improving

    In 2019, 62% of 16-year-olds achieved Grade 4 or above in both Eglish and Maths GCSEs closing the gap on national averages

How you can help

  • Early Words Together for MLL families

    Become a Literacy Champion for Doncaster Stories

    Being a confident reader is the foundation of a happy, successful future. You could help your local community by volunteering as a Literacy Champion.
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  • Boy reading

    Fundraise for us

    Could you run a fundraising event in your local community to support our work in Doncaster? We have lots of tips and suggestions to help you get started.
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  • Donating a book


    Your support is the reason we are able to keep working with disadvantaged families across the UK. Donate today and help us give even more children the literacy skills to succeed in life.
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