Literacy score - mapping literacy need across England

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What is the literacy score measure?

The literacy score is a new measure of literacy vulnerability which we have developed with Experian. Together we have created constituency literacy rankings which measure literacy need in every electoral ward and in each parliamentary constituency in England.

Launched in February 2017, each constituency’s literacy score is built on Experian’s data expertise and our understanding of the socioeconomic factors most closely associated with low literacy, including levels of education, income and unemployment.

What do the literacy scores show?

Experian’s analysis showed that literacy problems are embedded in the social fabric of our country, with 86% of English constituencies having at least one ward with urgent literacy need. The analysis also found that:

  • Low literacy levels aren’t restricted to regions with low income, employment and social deprivation.
  • The constituency with the greatest literacy need is Middlesbrough, followed by Barking, Hackney South and Shoreditch, Liverpool (Walton) and Sheffield (Brightside and Hillsborough).
  • All 50 places suffering the most come from either cities or towns, or districts surrounding urban areas.

Our local solution – National Literacy Trust Hubs

This local pattern of need requires a radically local solution that addresses the specific literacy needs of each community and draws on its strengths.

Our local Hub model raises literacy in the communities across the UK where low levels of literacy are entrenched, intergenerational and seriously impacting on people’s lives.

We’re currently working in five Hub locations, including Stoke-on-Trent, Middlesbrough and Bradford, to bring together the community, business, education and local authority partners to target literacy support where it’s needed most.

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