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Refugee Week resources

Added 19 Apr 2021
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Refugee Week takes place 14-20 June 2021 and the theme this year is 'We Cannot Walk Alone'.

The theme of Refugee Week 2021, ‘We Cannot Walk Alone’, is an invitation to extend your hand to someone new. Someone who is outside your current circle, has had an experience you haven’t, or is fighting for a cause you aren’t yet involved in.

Refugee Week

Discussions around refugees can be difficult for young children to understand. These session plans use the book Lily and the Polar Bears by Jion Sheibani to support early years children to begin to understand more about refugees in an accessible and age appropriate way.


  • To begin to learn about refugees through use of a picture book and relevant discussions
  • To support teaching for Refugee Week
  • To celebrate diversity
  • To encourage children to think about making a connection with someone new

Curriculum links

  • These sessions plans link to the EYFS curriculum in the areas of personal, social and emotional development, communication and language, literacy and understanding the world

Books for early years children to support teaching about refugees

  • Lily and the Polar Bears by Jion Sheibani
  • The Suitcase by Chris Naylor-Ballesteros
  • My Name is Not Refugee by Kate Milner
  • Everybody's Welcome by Patricia Hegarty, illustrated by Greg Abbott
  • The Colour of Home by Mary Hoffman, illustrated by Karin Littlewood