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Literacy Progress Units

Added 25 Jul 2017 | Updated 24 Aug 17

The Literacy Progress Units (LPU) were National Strategy intervention materials written primarily for use with small groups of Year 7 pupils to help them catch up with their peers at the start of secondary school. Some of the LPU units were adapted for use in whole class teaching. For example, the Spelling unit where the original eighteen 20-minute sessions have been altered to create forty-two 10-minute sessions which can be used as whole class lesson starters.

These lesson plans and resources are still relevant and suitable for use with Year 7 students who have not reached the expected level in reading or writing at Key Stage 2. The units on information retrieval and writing organisation will support students across a range of curriculum subjects and could be delivered by tutors or subject teachers. 

The information on seating arrangements in the original units has been included because it reflects the philosophy behind the small-group approach. It is therefore relevant for teachers planning whole-class use. In the class context the principle of maximum visual access is even more important, and face-to-face contact remains essential. 

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