Hot topic: Six Nations rugby

Added 15 Feb 2020
Rugby stadium

The Six Nations Championship is a rugby union tournament played annually between England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales.

The first round of matches was played over the weekend of 1–2 February, followed by round two on 8–9 February and round three will be on 23–24 February. The team with the most points after all 15 matches have been played wins the tournament.

This hot topic resource can be used to spark ideas for using the Six Nations to engage children in the classroom. Suggestions can be adapted for pupils aged 7-14 across England, Wales and Scotland.

Using this resource in the classroom

The Six Nations offers a number of engaging and interactive opportunities to promote learning and literacy. This hot topic resource:

  • Recommends relevant age appropriate books including Jonny Wilkinson's autobiography among many others to support reading skills. These books can be used as the basis of literacy lessons, for reading activities or as part of daily story time
  • Gives students the opportunity to express their opinion through oracy activities, including debates on which team pupils think will win the tournament and discussions on the Women's Six Nations
  • Suggests engaging research activities for students to find out about and write up pieces including team and match reports
  • Includes a whole host of activities written by children's author Tom Palmer including team reports, a rugby buddies scheme and a rugby themed pass the book game
  • Also features other sports related literacy programmes and activities to keep the students engaged long after the Six Nations finishes