Love our Libraries

Love our Libraries

Love our Libraries helps to transform primary school libraries by giving teachers, teaching assistants and parents the skills they need to become library coordinators.

Love our Libraries

About the programme

Our latest research review shows that school libraries have a positive impact on all areas of pupils’ learning, including the development of reading and writing skills, their self-esteem and their overall academic attainment. 

The review also highlighted that good primary school libraries are run by knowledgeable staff and supportive parents and volunteers, who work together with access to library professionals. They also contain a high quality range of books and are integrated into the curriculum.

From January 2018 the online Foyle Primary School Library Course, which is being funded by the Foyle Foundation, will be available to all members of the National Literacy Trust. The e-learning course will include four modules which will provide the skills, knowledge and access to expertise that anyone in a school needs to transform their primary school library.

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