Short book and sides at Peterborough hairdresser

28 Sep 2015

HairdresserA Peterborough hairdresser is supporting the Peterborough Literacy Campaign by encouraging children to read aloud to him while they get their hair cut to help improve their literacy skills.

Children’s books provided by the Peterborough Literacy Campaign are available at Terry’s Gents Hairdressing in Lincoln Road for children to entertain their stylist with stories while their hair is cut and styled.

Hairstylist Terry Lepore, said:
“I know that kids who have lots of opportunities to read books do well at school, so that is why I am supporting the Peterborough Literacy Campaign by creating a reading friendly environment in  my salon. I’m enjoying getting stories read to me whilst I work and I encourage other hairdressers to get children reading too.”

Sally Atkinson, Manager of the National Literacy Trust Hub in Peterborough said:
“Low literacy levels have a negative impact on the whole community so raising them should be a shared responsibility. This is a great example of how businesses, service providers and organisations from all corners of Peterborough have the potential to widen access to books in the city.

Having local role models who can provide literacy support for children during their daily activities can really make a difference, so I’m glad that this local business is supporting the Peterborough Literacy Campaign and I hope other hairdressers and barbers are inspired to join in.”