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News story

A Literacy Champion, or a mysterious reading rebel?

04 Apr 2023

Redcar book fairy 2.jpg

A local mystery

An anonymous gift-giver has descended upon the North East, as books for both adults and children have been appearing in local parks, on street corners, in community spaces and at bus stops.

The books are left by a mysterious reading rebel, with an agenda to promote a love of literature. Nobody in the community knows who this fantastic Literacy Champion is, but clues can be found on the Redcar Book Fairy Facebook page and the Read North East Facebook page. Those who find the books are encouraged to read, review, and pass the books on to friends or family they think may be interested, or re-hide the books for others to experience the joy of discovering their own hidden book.

Community support

We spoke to the Literacy Champion responsible for hiding the books in their area (though they chose to remain anonymous), and they told us:

“I am an avid reader myself, and by sharing these books I hope to encourage more children to begin reading from an early age. There have been lots of local people getting in touch through the Facebook page, offering to donate books to be hidden and it feels like there’s a real community movement happening – it’s getting harder and harder to keep my identity a secret!”

Let us know

If you find a book hidden by an amazing Literacy Champion in your area, be sure to let us know, and tag us on social media – we’re on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, or you can use the hashtag #LiteracyChampion to share how your community is celebrating its love of literacy.

Get involved

If you would be interested in becoming a Literacy Champion, please visit our Volunteer page for more information, or email

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