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Peterborough families’ favourite recipes printed in community cookbook

22 May 2017

Families in Peterborough have shared their favourite recipes for a cookbook which we have created in partnership with City College Peterborough.

The Peterborough Family Cookbook features recipes from families across the city, with recipes from a range of different cultures. The colourful cookbook celebrates the literacy-boosting benefits of families cooking and sharing mealtimes together, with quotes from books and food facts included throughout.

Families were invited to submit their recipes at the Peterborough Pop-Up Literacy Hub, which was open for five weeks over the summer last year. Recipes in the cookbook include:

  • ‘Extra energy explorer porridge’ from local author Justin Miles

  • Fishcakes from adult learners at City College Peterborough

  • ‘Pre-game pasta’ from James Ferrara, captain of the Peterborough Phantoms ice hockey team and Head of Year 7 at the City of Peterborough Academy

  • Chapattis from local Indian cookery tutor Ravi Pathak

The cookbook also features healthy options, including ‘breakfast fruit kebabs’ from local mother and son duo Nicola Arbon and Jack O’Sullivan, and a recipe for carrot and lentil soup from Peterborough resident Katie Hopkins. Healthier options for ingredients are also indicated throughout the cookbook, guiding families to make healthier choices when trying out the recipes.

The Peterborough Family Cookbook was created as part of the Peterborough Literacy Campaign, an initiative from us and Peterborough City Council which aims to boost literacy levels in Peterborough.

Our research shows that children who talk regularly at mealtimes become more confident communicators. However, one child in four (26%) doesn’t have daily mealtime chats and almost a third (30%) spend more time online or watching TV than talking to their family.

To pick up a free copy of The Peterborough Family Cookbook, visit Peterborough Central Library or City College Peterborough where copies are available.

Manager of the National Literacy Trust Hub in Peterborough, Sally Atkinson, said:
“Families all over Peterborough submitted recipes for this cookbook and shared their stories of the ways that food brings them together.

Cooking and enjoying meals together as a family is a great way to improve children’s literacy skills. Asking your child to read recipes, write shopping lists for ingredients and talking together at mealtimes are all simple activities which can make a big difference in their development.

This cookbook celebrates both the diversity of Peterborough’s residents and the benefits that family mealtimes can bring. Pop down to the library or college today to pick up your copy and get cooking!”

Pat Carrington, Principal of City College Peterborough, said:
“This is the first time the college has produced a family cookbook and I am delighted with outcome. The cookbook combines fantastic recipes, submitted by families of all cultures and backgrounds from across the city. Sharing meals as a family is a great way to stay connected and enjoy time together. I am really pleased the college supports such an important imitative to help boost literacy levels while also helping to promote healthy eating.”  

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