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News story

The Mayor of Peterborough supports the campaign

12 Nov 2014

The Mayor of Peterborough, Cllr David Over, talks about literacy as a vehicle to explore the world.

"I am delighted to be joining the launch of the Peterborough Literacy Campaign. As a teacher in and around Peterborough I have been at the forefront of education achievement and seen a steady growth in education standards.

Literacy is the key to any child’s development.  It is a way that they can access information. To read and write shows the wide opportunities that are available in the city and elsewhere.  It leads to apprenticeships, higher education, further education and a fulfilling career.  Literacy is a vehicle to explore the world, discover the past and think about the future.

Literacy is the key to be an informed and understanding individual. It enables good communication with a wide variety of people of all ages and locations.  It gives access to a variety of leisure activities, travel and sporting interests.  It helps to create a confident and informed individual.

Literacy is the way to create a strong community.  Each person is able to know and understand their neighbours and fellow citizens.  Ideas and plans can be understood and people can take their place within the democratic process and help the development of the city and country. It helps to enable a diverse community to add that extra benefit to society.

Lastly, literacy is an indication of the future.  Texting, the use of computers and a variety of types of technology rely on high literacy skills.  Without this a person’s future is cloudy and their potential perhaps under used.

So, I would encourage everybody to become involved. Read an interesting book, take your child to the library, text your friends, send an email and discuss with others what you have found out. For me, I have three history books to be read.”

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