Become a Digital Literacy Champion with Swindon Stories

Child learning literacy skills online

Do you live in Swindon and want to help improve the literacy levels of children and young people in your community? We’re recruiting for Digital Literacy Champions to support our Swindon Stories campaign.

What is a Digital Literacy Champion?

Digital Literacy Champions are volunteers who help come up with engaging online activities to make reading, writing and talking a priority for everyone in Swindon.

You could be a parent, business professional, teacher, student, sports coach or anyone passionate about making a difference in their local area. You don’t need to be a technical wizard and we’ll provide training to get you up and running.

As families cope with the challenges of school closures and social distancing, Digital Literacy Champions reach out to their communities online, encouraging and inspiring them to engage with literacy.

Why does Swindon need Digital Literacy Champions?

Eight wards in Swindon are in the most deprived 10% nationally Last year, 41% of the most disadvantaged students in Swindon left primary school unable to read well.

Not being able to read, write or communicate well holds people back at every stage of their life, from school to the jobs market. We want to equip children and young people with the literacy skills they need to succeed in life.

What will being a Digital Literacy Champion involve?

You know your local community and the issues facing it better than anyone. As a Digital Literacy Champion, you will be supported to create and share online pictures, videos and advice through social media and even create your own projects if you want to.

You will have access to training, support and information from Swindon Stories, helping you to reach those in your community who need help most.

How do I become a Digital Literacy Champion?

Email Swindon Stories Manager Anish Harrison or message us through our Facebook page. and we’ll get in touch.