A very spotty poetry competition

Poetry Academy

Peterborough Reads has joined forces with Paul Hymas, a local poet and creator of the Splyt Jaws YouTube channel, for an unusually gross children's competition.

Paul Hymas, author of Bogey Roads: and other polluted poems, writes about everything from farts and belly button fluff to lost socks and now we're challenging local children to write something just as gross! To take part, children (aged 7 – 13) have to write a poem about a spot – the poem can be long or short, and the more disgusting the descriptions, the better!

The poems will be judged in collaboration with Hymas and the winning entry will:

  • Be transformed into a video for the Splyt Jaws YouTube channel
  • The poem will be professionally illustrated
  • Feature in a published book alongside poems by Paul Hymas

All entries should be sent to peterborough@literacytrust.org.uk by Monday 14 September.

Watch Paul read one of his poems in the video below for some inspiration!
Please note that this competition is open to children aged 7-13 who live in Peterborough and the surrounding area.

Fancy having a spot of fun over the summer holidays? Watch this video from Paul to find out about our unusually gross poetry competition - guaranteed to bring children some much needed laughs! Send your entries to peterborough@literacytrust.org.uk by Monday 31 August for your chance to go viral.

Posted by Peterborough Reads on Wednesday, 29 July 2020