Thousands of Mr Men books given away for free in Peterborough

04 Sep 2018

A partnership between Mr Men Little Miss, Haliborange and Peterborough Reads has seen more than 2,000 Mr Men Little Miss books given out for free to families in Peterborough.

The travelling Bookmobile visited Queensgate Shopping Centre on 1 September, where Peterborough families were invited to pick up free books and vitamins, and meet a 3D life-size Mr. Strong brought to life using AR technology.

The campaign was inspired by research from the National Literacy Trust's annual literacy survey, which found that:

  • 78% of children in the UK don’t read with someone at home
  • Yet, those who do read at home feel happier (45%) and calm (49%)
  • Those who say that they read with someone at home are more likely to say that they enjoy reading, compared to those who say that they don’t (65% vs. 51%)

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