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Taybah Ali wins Peterborough Reads poetry competition

Pen writing

Peterborough Reads is running a fortnightly writing competition during the lockdown period. The competition consists of a series of challenges inspired by the winners of Peterborough Book Awards 2020.

The first challenge asked children to write or perform a poem inspired by Benjamin Zephaniah, author of Funky Chickens, which won the Best Poetry Book category.

Taybah Ali, age 11, was chosen as the winner with her poem Lockdown. Taybah's poem managed to portray the anxieties that lots of us feel in a light-hearted and positive light. The rhythm and rhyming scheme of them poem is a good reflection of Benjamin Zephaniah's poetry - well done Taybah!


Sitting down, got nothing to do

My sister's annoying, so we argue

Can't go to school, well that's a shame

Doin' work on the laptop, but that's not the same.

Can't see my friends 

I want these days to end

I'm waiting for the day 

To see my fam-ly again.

My bathrooms are filled with loads of soap

So that I won't get the virus, I can only hope.

At this very moment I've got no plans 

So give me twenty seconds to wash my hands.

Now I'm back 

My hands are clean

Eating a flapjack

Watchin' Mr Bean.

Jokes aside, this is a serious time

Please stay at home.

You'll save loads of lives.

Taybah Ali

Age 11

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